Jimmy LaFave Lyrics

Depending on the Distance

Depending on the Distance Cover

Clear Blue Sky

Living In Your Light


It Just Is Not Right

Talk To Me

A Place I Have Left Behind

Cimarron Manifesto

Cimarron Manifesto Cover

Car Outside

This Land


Lucky Man

Hideaway Girl

That’s the Way It Goes

Don’t Ask Me

Home Once Again

These Blues

Blue Nightfall

Blue Nightfall Cover

Sweet Sweet Love

River Road

Music from the Motor Court

Blue Nightfall

Shining on Through

Rain Falling Down

Bohemian Cowboy Blues

It’s Gone

I Wish For You

When You Were Mine

Gotta Ramble



Bad Bad Girl

Never Is A Moment

This Glorious Day

Poor Man’s Dream

Red Dirt Song

Woody Guthrie


Love Can Find Its Own Way

On the Road To Rock and Roll



Red Dirt Roads At Night

How It Must Remain

Loved You Like Rainbows

Ellie’s Song

If You Want To See Me Rock

Road Novel

Road Novel

You’ll Never Know

Hold On

Vast Stretches of Broken Heart

Into Your Life

Ramblin Sky

Long Ago With Miles Between

Never Put the Blame

The Open Space

You’ve Got That Right

The Big Wheels

Heart of a Woman

The Great Night

Buffalo Return to the Plains

Buffalo Return to the Plains

Burden to Bear

Last Train

I’m Thinking of You

Never Be Mine

Buffalo Return to the Plains

Going Home

Foolish Pride

That I Can’t Control

I Walk Along With You

Rock and Roll Land

Worn Out American Dream

Highway Trance

Highway Trance

Shakin’ in Your Hips

When the Tears Fall

Leslie, Talk To Me

Cafe In the Rain

Austin After Midnight

Give Your Sweet Love To Me

The Open Road

Minstrel Boy Howling at the Moon

I’ve Got Your Picture

The Perfect Combination

Dark Dancing Eyes

Get It, Got It, Good

Prayer For You

When I See You Again

Route 66 Revisited

Austin Skyline

Austin Skyline

Thru the Neon Night

Desperate Men Do Desperate Things

When It Starts To Rain

Deep South 61 Delta Highway Blues

Measuring Words

Only One Angel


Darkest Side of Midnight

Trouble Free