Jimmy LaFave – Highway Trance

His plaintive voice embraces his lyrics with the feelings of his heart. His singing and song writing (he wrote all the songs except “Early Summer Rain”) evoke the wide open sky of Texas, with the great spaces between people as evident as the stars in the wide–open sky. His tight band keeps the sound moving behind him. He deftly varies the rhythms and song styles so that the album never lets you fall into that “Highway Trance” which he sings of. His lyrics are sharp on the variety of subjects he addresses. Maybe a notch below Austin Skyline, but its a small step down, and a big step forward.” Four Stars

–– Bob Gottlieb – All Music Guide

Highway Trance (1994)

Highway Trance

  1. Shakin’ in Your Hips 4:02
  2. When the Tears Fall 4:02
  3. Leslie Talk to Me 4:02
  4. Cafe in the Rain 3:02
  5. Austin After Midnight 4:02
  6. Give Your Sweet Love to Me
  7. The Open Road 4:02
  8. Early Summer Rain
  9. Minstrel Boy Howling at the Moon 4:02
  10. I’ve Got Your Picture 4:02
  11. The Perfect Combination 3:02
  12. Dark Dancing Eyes 4:02
  13. Get It, Got It, Good 3:02
  14. Prayer For You 5:03
  15. When I See You Again 4:02
  16. Route 66 Revisited 3:02

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