1. Bad Bad Girl
2. San Francisco
3. Never Is A Moment
4. This Glorious Day
5. Poor Man's Dream
6. On A Bus To St. Cloud
7. Rock And Roll Music To The World
8. Red Dirt Song
9. Woody Guthrie
10. Tears
11. Love Can Find Its Own Way
12. Elvis Loved His Mama
13. Emotionally Yours
14. Patient Man
15. On The Road To Rock And Roll
16. Moon's A Harsh Mistress, The

"Texoma" -- Jimmy LaFave

Eric Fidler
Associated Press

In a world of manufactured stars and soulless singers, Jimmy LaFave stands as testimony to the redemptive power of rock 'n' roll. LaFave is one of rock's best singers certainly its finest ballad singer with a voice that can swoop, dart, glide or knock you on your butt.

On "Texoma," LaFave mixes nine of his own fine songs with several covers, including an oddly wonderful version of the old flower child anthem "San Francisco." LaFave finds a bluesy groove on "Bad, Bad Girl" and "Poor Man's Dream," and gets downright exuberant on "This Glorious Day," with help from the fabulous Burns Sisters on vocals.

LaFave's red dirt rock just gets better with age, and he pours his heart and soul into the ballads. "Texoma" captures this musical treasure at his best.