Jimmy LaFave – Buffalo Return to the Plains

This is the third of singer/songwriter Jimmy LaFave’s albums, and each one reveals new dimensions. The songs are socially conscious and idealistic without being the least bit melancholy. His voice has that rasp that comes from living near the edge, and is one of his best assets. He can take a ballad and make you feel its pain and sadness; listen to “I’m Thinking of You,” and “Never Be Mine.” Then listen to the tenderness, joy, and love in “Going Home,” andthe gentleness and caring now in his voice reinforcing the lyrics. Then there are the times he just puts his foot down and rocks out in the Western rhythm that so effectively drives the work of contemporaries like Joe Ely, plus the one who started the West Texas sound, Buddy Holly; take a listen to “That I Can’t Control.” His band is only getting tighter and tighter, staying with him at all times, but never hidden behind him; he allows them to step out and show their chops in ways that effectively highlight the songs.” Four Stars

–– Bob Gottlieb – All Music Guide

Buffalo Return to the Plains (1995)

Buffalo Return to the Plains

  1. Burden To Bear 3:02
  2. Last Train 4:02
  3. Sweetheart Like You 4:02
  4. Amsterdam 3:02
  5. I’m Thinking Of You 3:02
  6. Never Be Mine 3:02
  7. Buffalo Return To The Plains 4:02
  8. Going Home 5:03
  9. Foolish Pride 4:02
  10. That I Can’t Control 3:02
  11. I Walk Along With You 3:02
  12. Rock & Roll Land 3:02
  13. Worn Out American Dream 6:04

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