Jimmy LaFave – Road Novel

The raspy warm voice wrapping around his (he wrote or co–wrote 13 of the 15) well written songs, with real solid playing has become a trademark of this artist, in fact if it weren’t so that would be the surprise. I don’t want to say it is more of what we come to expect from him, but you better understand I say that as a compliment. This is by far his best song writing effort, and with the progress he has shown from album to album I can’t wait for the next batch of songs. His ballads tear into your heart and mind with their tone nuance, yet they are not soppy, but real life that most can feel because we have worn those boots also. Take a journey into the moods and thoughts of “Into Your Life.” Remember that day when you did/had the same experience, and all the emotions that went with that day. Go right into the infectious “Ramblin Sky” and see if you know “why my feet are tappin’,” look down at yours and see what they are doing. Listen to the wondering that goes on “Long Ago with Miles Between,” can you tell me those same thoughts haven’t run through your mind, in one form or another. It’s not only his songs that he puts it all into, but I happen to think he does some fantastic work on Bob Dylan's songs. His musical tone reflects the thoughts and mood tone almost perfectly, so that each builds on the other.” Five Stars

–– Bob Gottlieb – All Music Guide

Road Novel (1997)

Road Novel

  1. You’ll Never Know 3:02
  2. Hold On 3:02
  3. Vast Stretches Of Broken Heart 3:02
  4. Into Your Life 5:03
  5. Ramblin’ Sky 3:02
  6. Home Sweet Oklahoma 4:02
  7. Buckets Of Rain 3:02
  8. Long Ago With Miles Between 5:03
  9. Long Time Since The Last Time 3:02
  10. Never Put The Blame 4:02
  11. The Open Space 3:02
  12. You’ve Got That Right 3:02
  13. The Big Wheels 4:02
  14. Heart Of A Woman 3:02
  15. The Great Night 4:02

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