Blue Nightfall

Jimmy LaFave makes melancholy sound like jubilation. Great songs, all of them. His specialty remains ballads that speak the plainitive truth cushioned by simple yet crisp instrumention. The timbre of his voice, with its naturally emotive catch, always evokes honesty. He’s an artist who doesn’t need musical embellishments.”

–– Mario Tarradell – Dallas Morning News

Blue Nightfall (2005)

Blue Nightfall

  1. Revival
  2. Sweet Sweet Love
  3. River Road
  4. Music from the Motor Court
  5. Blue Nightfall
  6. Shining on Through
  7. Rain Falling Down
  8. Bohemian Cowboy Blues
  9. It’s Gone
  10. I Wish For You
  11. When You Were Mine
  12. Gotta Ramble

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